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Senior dating

Senior dating can be a challenge, with many people finding it difficult to advertise their availability and meet like-minded individuals who are looking for friendship and perhaps more.

However, technological advances and a surge in the number of Over-50s hitting the internet has caused an explosion in Senior dating enthusiasts being able to surf their way to a new romance. Finding the love of your life online can be a reality, with online dating now being seen by some as an ideal way to meet new people rather than an activity to be secretive about.

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there are approximately 15 million singles living in the UK and more than half of them are looking for a serious long-term relationship. If you are one of these people and are of a mature age, then Senior dating may be the option for you.

I'm interested in senior dating, how do I get started?

The Senior dating landscape may seem daunting at first, particularly if you are just arriving on the scene after a long relationship or marriage. However, joining the right Senior dating site could help you to recapture some of your youth and begin exploring a new network of friends and acquaintances.

Over-50s hoping to join a Senior dating website should spend some time browsing the internet to familiarise themselves with what is available. A reputable organisation will always be active and will be littered with positive testimonials as to how they guided people into finding love. It may also help to talk to friends to see if they have any recommendations for places of which they may be a member.

Once you are happy with a decision, don't be afraid to sign up. Most are free to join, which can allow you to create a profile and get you back in the swing of things when it comes to Senior dating.

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Top tips for senior dating

When it comes to Senior dating, it can not be overestimated how important your profile will be to whether you find the partner of your dreams. So make sure you spend some time making it as enticing as possible, but avoid telling fibs!

Post a flattering picture of yourself, but don't upload an image of you when you were in your 30s. Remember, if you are a member of a Senior dating site, everyone will be in the same boat as you and lying about your age or appearance could set you up for a fall when you finally meet up with someone you have been talking to online.

On your profile you should mention your ambitions, hobbies and favourite pastimes as this will ensure you are matched up with potential lovers who enjoy the same things as you. Be careful not to give too much of your personal information away though, you will want to save some for when you are out Senior dating.

Remember, no matter how great a Senior dating website may be you will still need to put in an equal amount of effort to ensure you are matched up successfully.

What can I expect from senior dating?

While it is impossible to say whether you will find a soul-mate during your Senior dating adventure, it is likely you will have a lot of fun and will meet a number of interesting people with which you can stay friends, even it if it doesn't develop into anything more serious. In fact, ONS data states 17 per cent of Brits aren't looking to settle down and would prefer a more casual relationship, so Senior dating online could throw up opportunities for that demographic as well.

As long as all parties involved are aware of the situation, no harm is done and some people may find they broaden their horizons. Over-50s dating could be your second chance at achieving a new romance, so don't be shy and try joining Senior dating online.